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Tinan Hinan*

According to a legend, Tin Hinan was the first leader to unite the Tuareg world and establish a kingdom in the Ahaggar mountains. She was both heroine and matriarch and is believed to have come from Tafilalt oasis in the Atlas Mountains in the area of the modern Morocco in the 4th century/5th century.

About this famous ancestress of the Tuaregs following story is told: Tin Hinan came in the company of her maid-servant Takamat from Tafilalet in the Atlas Mountains Morocco to the Hoggar Algeria. There she became the first Tamenokalt (queen) of the Tuaregs and her fame was so great, that even today the Tuaregs call her "Mother of Us All."

Abalessa, the ancient capital of the Ahaggar or Hoggar region, is the location of a famous archaeological site known as the Tomb of Tin Hinan.



Excavations have revealed the skeleton of an unusually tall woman about 40 years old, wearing seven gold and eight silver bracelets and buried with a Roman cup and a wooden cup with a Constantanian monograph. She was lying on a leather covered wooden bed. The structure, possibly a dwelling converted to a tomb, is dated to the second half of the fifth century CE. The identity of the skeleton is unknown.


The corpse is in the National Museum of BARDO in Algiers Algeria.


For a more extensive biography of this remarkable women, here (http://www.rfi.fr/fichiers/mfi/CultureSociete/657.asp). Only available en franšais though.

* Ziani Hocine, 2007, collection Algerian State, Algiers. (http://www.ziani-art.com/gb/oeuvre/historique/1_Tin_Hinan.html)

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Oooh... Fasciating! Thanks for posting this :)

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So it wasn't until the 17th century Kella that the "tribal genealogies [were] reckoned in the female line" among the Tuaregs ?