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There is one paper that is implying that the Agudas in Lagos may have felt "superiority based on their Iberian identity", but fails to actually say anything else about it in detail. That same paper discusses not only Brazilian but Cuban "returnees" to Lagos, stating one case, the Muņiz family of Matanzas, Cuba, where relatives on either side of the Atlantic maintained contact throughout the years. It was also stated that some Agudas then left Lagos and returned in both Brazil and Cuba, paraphrasing from another reference, while a segment of the others who stayed at first adhered to some level of endogamy before deciding to intermarry with the Yoruba (since the colonial administration of the time did not allow the Agudas social mobility) : the result of the latter, according to the paper, was a more solidified Yoruba identity, learning the language as well as the history. It makes me wonder a bit about this guy I had posted on the old forum for people to guess, and if he had a similar heritage ?
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