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Genetic genealogy Genetic genealogy involves the use of genealogical DNA testing to determine the level of genetic relationship between individuals.

The Genetics of the Iraqi population 
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Default The Genetics of the Iraqi population

The Iraqi Arabs decent from different sources. Their paternal line can be hardly called it Arabic, because their Y-DNA is heavily mixed. The mtDNA is that of Native stock, with very limited flow from Africa and India. However different male invaders intermarried with the local females as evident by the diverse Y-DNA.

These are the Y-DNA have been found in Iraq
R1b belived to have come with the Roman-Byzantines
J2 originated in Northern Iraq
J1 originated in Iraq, but reintorduced one again from Arabia
E1b1 came with Berbers, whom the Abassaids recurited
R1a came with the Persians

Analyses of mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation were performed in a sample of Iraqis, a scarcely investigated population of
the ‘‘Fertile Crescent.’’ A total of 216 mtDNAs were screened for the diagnostic RFLP markers of the main Eurasian and African
haplogroups. A subset of these samples, whose HVS-I sequences were previously obtained, was also examined by high-resolution
restriction analysis. The Y-chromosome variation was investigated in 139 subjects by using 17 biallelic markers and the 49a,f/Taq I
system. For both uniparental systems, the large majority of the haplogroups observed in the Iraqi population are those (H, J, T,
and U for the mtDNA, and J(xM172) and J-M172 for the Y chromosome) considered to have originated in the Middle East and
to have later spread all over Western Eurasia. However, about 9% of the mtDNAs and 30% of the Y-chromosomes most likely
represent arrivals from distant geographic regions. The different proportion of long-range genetic input observed for the mtDNA
and the Y chromosome appears to indicate that events of gene flow to this area might have involved mainly males rather than
Ó 2003 Published by Elsevier Science (USA).

source http://www.familytreedna.com/pdf/Al_Zahery.pdf

3. Results
3.1. MtDNA variation
Table 1 shows the haplogroup frequencies obtained
by screening all Iraqi mtDNAs for the diagnostic RFLP
markers. Their distribution is similar to that of Iran and,
in general, to the Middle Eastern populations whereas it
substantially differs from that observed in Arabia. Haplogroups
HV, H, V, J, T, K, U, I, X, and W encompass
about 78% of the Iraqi subjects. This overall frequency
is in the range of the other Middle Eastern population
values (75.1–80.4%) which are closer to Europe (>90%)
than to the Arabian peninsula (60.4%). By considering
the single haplogroups, it should be noted that the incidence
of haplogroup H (20%) is much lower than in
Europeans (33–50%) but higher than in Central Asians
(14%). On the contrary, the incidence of haplogroup U
(about 20%) is rather close to those observed in Trans-
Caucasian and European populations. As for the other
Western Eurasian haplogroups, HV, J, and T are all
very well represented (about 10% each), whereas K, I, X,
and W are rather uncommon and generally do not exceed
a frequency of 3%.
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